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And here's a news flash:

The Full Moon Herald has been awarded an Honorable Mention Prize for poetry by The Eric Hoffer Book Award 2021!

Here is what the judges say about the book, as reported in The US Review of Books:

The Full Moon Herald, Phyllis Klein, Grayson Books
– This deeply nourishing collection by a poet, who is definitely not hiding, shares memories of the world with sometimes unbearable intimacy. The work here reminds one of places been to (or longing to see), the new/old history that haunts from far away, and people who grace everyday lives. Behind the word images is a tangled emotional yearning to be understood for whom the author is or wishes to become. This complication gives readers a gift of honesty, familiarity, and wholesome genius. These are radiant poems. Now happy, then righteously angry, mournful, adoring, the author shares experiences through a fine ear and sharp eye allowing all to view this world that surrounds, encourages, and, at times, seems to defeat mortals. It’s a wake up call to the fullness of amazing life, and the opportunity to enjoy the discovery.

From Minder Binder Review of Books:

This exceptional first book of poems should be required reading for anyone who 1) appreciates poetry as a meaningful way to explore who we are in this beautiful and troubling world; 2) is willing to open themselves to the honesty and intimacy of our shared and connected lives; and/or 3) wishes to mine the deeper nature of the news without the noise and nonsense of talking heads. 

To purchase this book go to or your favorite independent bookseller. 

Thanks to Troy Crisswell for permission to use his artwork in the heading.

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